Is this a religious pre-marriage course?
If you mean is there a spiritual connection, the answer is yes. I do talk a little bit about the spiritual dimension of intimacy, and I do describe the best of what I think God intends for us in our marriage relationship. Other than this I would describe the retreat as practical information about how to establish a healthy relationship and avoid unhealthy relationship patterns.

Does the workshop qualify for the reduced fee certificate on the marriage license?
The certificate requires 12 hours of pre-marriage education. This course is six hours, 9:30am-3:30pm. If a couple would like to arrange to do additional counseling as a couple, it is possible to arrange to receive the certificate. This could be done through the pastor who is marrying the couple, another counselor or me.

What should we wear to the pre-marriage class?
Jeans are appropriate, dress casually.

How many other couples will be there?
I typically have classes consisting of 27 couples at a time.

Six hours seems like a long time; is there food?
Yes, in addition to the class itself and the course materials, the costs include beverages, snacks, and a lunch. After you register, if you fail to cancel one week before your workshop, we will keep the $20.00 food cost per couple and refund you $180.00.

Even if there’s food, six hours still seems like a long time. Do you lecture the whole time?
No, the material is fun and engaging. Throughout the day you’ll have ample opportunity to speak to each other as a couple about the materials that are presented.

What have some of those who’ve attended said about your class when the day was over?
“The retreat exceeded my expectations–I honestly only went for my fiancee but ended up thinking it was great.”
“More meaningful and thought provoking than expected.”
“It was fun in the midst of our wedding planning to take a day out for us.”
“I feel like we got the support we needed to start off right.”

“I feel like we got the toolbox for how to make this work.”